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Contemplating the Possible 

An Exploration of Possibility

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I'd love to know what you think.

Just a place to start, really.
Spirituality is one of those things we all tend to skirt around, wanting neither to tread upon another’s toes, nor to put ourselves out on that proverbial limb through expressing what it is we believe. Whether we are right or wrong; whether what we believe makes sense or does not, we are typically very careful about sharing it. Often, we even limit what we share with our closest family or friends about our thoughts on those things we really don’t understand. It’s something we have been taught not to speak of and not to explore. Why? There are probably as many reasons as there are beliefs, but in my opinion the hush-hush only leads to greater quandary and all that unknown fodder can lead to some very negative outcomes. Because, for as many of us who quietly go about our lives, believing or not believing, there are possibly just as many who would raise their voices to defy all sense of proportion, and there are still others who go to extremes most of us might consider cataclysmic. Perhaps that is why the list of three things we never discuss in polite society exists in the first place: Money, Religion and Politics.
I am an average person living a so-called average life. I have neither a doctorate nor degree of any variety, but I do have more than a few years of life experience. I have laughed and I have cried; I’ve been married and divorced; I’ve been blessed with family and friends, and I’ve suffered loneliness, depression and the misery of guilt. I went to public schools and church on Sundays. Nothing in my experience makes me an expert of any kind. You might say, I’m just like you and, perhaps, you are much like me. We share a commonality in that we are human. We’ve lived, breathed, laughed, cried, and suffered just like a billion others. Yet, perhaps, like me, you’ve experience something during your few years of life on this fragile planet that you simply could not explain.
It is my belief that the unexplained exists for us to explore, to question and consider, not to fear; not to quash into silence and certainly not to dismiss. The unexplained is simply the margin of the page. The blank space that only some have written their thoughts into; a space where you, too, can scribe your thoughts. Throughout this book you will find many of the unexplained, curious, unproven notions that are similar to all human beings, regardless of race, creed, language, or social bias. We will cross over the threshold of what can be proven with scientific evidence and step into the realm of what is possible.
On this journey, I will shine a small light onto many unexplained phenomena. I might offer what I believe or think to be true about these unproven notions, as food for thought, as a starting point for consideration and conversation. I may even illustrate the idea through a brief fictional caption or short poem. What I will not do is provide any answers. This journey is not about answers. Rather, it is, as the title suggests, an exploration of the unknown. It is a book filled with questions. It is the wanderings and wonderings of my mind that I have chosen to share rather than keep to myself because, among the many things I accept as truth, I believe we learn through sharing. Sharing our thoughts, our feelings, our hopes and fears, which guides us toward understanding.
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