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Whispers in Verse is a collection of Subtle, Gentle Poems that Encompass the Beauty of a Quiet Hush; the Serenity of Lush Calm; and the Tranquility of Stillness that Transcends place and time.

It is a Journey into the Heart to Discover what Stirs the Spirit and a Vision of the Memories we have unintentionally forgotten.

Immerse yourself in Lyrical, Exquisite Poetry and Remember the Magic of Breath, Pulse, Earth and Sky!


 Reviewed By Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers' Favorite


Whispers In Verse by Cynthia A. Morgan is a collection of poetry that reads like a combination of poetic Shakespeare and a mysterious conjuration of a magician from the medieval era. The two blend into one unique writing style, which creates a sense of peace and serenity, as though a meditative mantra surrounds the person reading, except there are many words spoken instead of only a handful. One of my favorite poems is on page 101 and is called The Wondering Bystander. The last two lines, in particular, flood me with life, time, and memories tangled together: "Merging Past and Present to Kiss the forehead of The Wondering Bystander."

Cynthia A. Morgan's Whispers In Verse was like no other poetry book I have read. It pulls you into the story and out of the present entirely, drawing you into a place you haven't seen or been before, another world of time where things slow down, and the rushing here and rushing there of life pauses. Whispers In Verse finds a way to tap into our circadian rhythm and creates a place we can be without reaching out to text, email, or field a call. Also accompanying the poems are tranquil and beautiful images of nature that help keep readers in peaceful respite from the rest of the busy world. The vibrant colors of nature and the sun bring a measure of warmth to readers as they flip the pages.

 Morgan Annwyn, Poetry & Muse 



"Whispers in Verse" is a collection of lyrical poems about nature, finding inner quietness, and appreciating the beauty of the seemingly insignificant. Morgan's lexicon and word choices are not only uniquely beautiful, but intriguing combinations such as Thunderous Silence' and 'The Cheering Hush'. Nothing short of spectacular, this breathtaking journey into stillness and tranquility reminds readers of the importance of each moment, every breath, drop of rain, rainbow, and star-filled sky. The poems are mostly free verse, yet Morgan's style has its own gentle rhythm that is easy to read. Set to perfection by stunning photographs, I was entirely enthralled. Highly Recommended for readers of all ages.  

Poetry from a Higher Source- Author Mary Deal


Whispers in Verse reads as if written on the wings of angels. These poems touch the soul. I found myself reading many of them over and over while I let the feeling of the words and phrases wash over me. Every poem in this volume of poetry has a calming understanding effect. Not only that, each poem takes you into a different mood or feeling and brings peace, gently. These are not poems you will rush through. They are meditative, explanatory and wondrous.

All through the read, I had the feeling that this author has the ability to tap into higher consciousness to pull sentiment down from the Heavens and to translate it for our understanding. Morgan writes like a person tuned into a Higher Source. Then I came to the end which is where Morgan describes her ability to write such magnificence. Something that needs to be noticed as well, this book is beautifully formatted with proper placement of poems and with sweet images starting each section. This author and publisher have taken great effort to make the book a thing of beauty to match the poetry it houses.

I have never encountered poems like these that bring feelings of peace and joy and understanding. As such, I cannot recommend this book high enough. Every poem whisks us away from the turmoil and drudgery of today’s world. We are left feeling whole, seeing the world from a different perspective than through our daily drudge. If you are a person who loves bold, garish poetry about the vagaries of life, you may not want to read this volume. Then again, it might do a person good to read these poems to come in touch with all the beauty that abounds despite the cruelties that persist in the world.

If I could give this book a 10, I wouldn’t hesitate. Whispers in Verse is a forever keeper in my library.

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