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The Hush in the Rush


A collection of articles written by me about finding The Hush in the Rush.  Ways to reconnect with your Inner Peace.  Inspirational Quotes and Positivity Prompts.  
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Mindfulness & Meditation Consultation and Guidance


 Today's world of rush and hurry, of frenzied busyness and over-scheduling often leaves our minds spinning, our hearts hammering, our blood-pressure rising, and our spirits needing. Although it is difficult to avoid, this calamity of chaos can be balanced through the deliberate seeking of Quietness and Calmness, and one does not need a strict regimen of yoga or meditation in order to find it.


What is required is a decision. Deciding to choose a few moments of Quietness in place of turning on a device or switching on your playlist can, at first, seem just as challenging as the aforementioned yoga. Electing to go outside to sit Quietly beneath the stars may sound monumentally boring, and choosing to stay home rather than running out early to grab that over-caffeinated, sugar-infused, powerhouse beverage might lead you to wonder if you’ll stay awake long enough to accomplish the 101 things on your to do list, BUT the benefits of Quietness and Calmness cannot be overstated.


The purpose of the Mindfulness consultation is to discuss how mindfulness will fit into your current lifestyle, to create a structured mindfulness plan, and provide you with resources to help facilitate your ongoing meditation practice. Each session will provide a space to have a personalized ‘check-in’ to explore the obstacles and to answer any questions you may have that may keep you from successfully integrating this new habit.


Detailed Description: Learning to be mindful/ to meditate is a journey of discovery that incorporates deliberate change in a gentle, safe environment. Mindfulness is not about blanking out or trying to get rid of all of our thoughts and it is not a cure-all answer. Mindfulness and meditation is about giving ourselves time to pause and learning what generates calmness within us and how to tap into that calmness during stressful situations. Mindful Meditation, like any other exercise, takes commitment and practice, but has been shown to generate a more healthful state of wellbeing through alleviating the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and loss of direction (and many others!)


Areas of Expertise: Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork, Stress Reduction


What to Expect: **This will be a conversational service with me where you can get advice, customized for your situation and unique circumstances. Together, we will learn what triggers serentiy in you and I will provide daily meditative guides/prompts to make the most of even a few moments.


Session Deliverables: To develop a meditation and mindfulness plan customized to your needs as well as resources to help you maintain your mindfulness practice. Come to the table with: An open mind, willing spirit, and positive attitude. Lay aside the “I already knew that” mindset and negative thinking. Be ready to change.

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Robb Walters

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